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Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in the world, but not the easiest. The course of the game can be quite complicated, and you can’t always finish it. How often you can complete the game depends almost exclusively on the number of cards you have dealt.

The arrangement of the cards

7 Longitudinal Rows (Stacks) of cards are dealt, with only the top card of each stack visible. The 24 remaining cards that have not been dealt with are stacked next to the longitudinal rows and referred to as the ‘stick.’ Above the dealt cards there are always four empty stacks visible, which are called ‘stacks.’

The aim of the game

Solitaire is about making four stacks of cards of the same suit. The cards must be placed in the order Ace to King (A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-B-D-K). This applies to all stacks.

Moving Cards

The cards may be moved into other longitudinal rows according to the following rules: You may place a tag on an open card if this card is of a different suit and fits in the order. Example: if there is a cross 8 (accessible card) at the top, you can place any red 7 (heart or diamonds) on it. Then a black six can be put on the seven again and so on.

Cards may be moved individually or in sets from one longitudinal row to the other, of course only if the order is correct.

If a card comes free in one of the longitudinal rows, it is turned over.

If a longitudinal row is empty, you may place a king (or a row of cards with a king on top) and start a new longitudinal row. Solitaire aims to set all cards in the correct order in the four stacks, each of which begins with an ace. If the right cards come free, you can place them on the champion to create a pile of the same suit. For example, if you have placed an Ace of Spades on an empty collection, you may put the Ace of Spades-2 on it, then the Ace of Spades-3 on it, and so on, until the pile is filled.

After you have placed a card on the pile, you can also put it back into the longitudinal row if you like.

How to use the stack of unused cards (stick)?

If it is not possible to place cards in the longitudinal rows, look in the stick. Here we assume a game that reveals three cards, as in the original solitaire game. You can also play with one card, see the chapter Game Variations.

In the game with three cards face up, three cards lie on top of each other next to the stick. The third card (i.e., the top card) may be moved. You may not use the other two cards, but you may look at them. The top card may be used for the longitudinal rows or the stacks. If you move the top card, you can – if possible – use the next card face up and so on.

If you cannot use the open card, you may turn over three additional cards. This can be continued indefinitely. If you have used all the cards in the deck, you just start all over again. Attention: the tickets will not be reshuffled!

Win solitaire

The game lasts until all four stacks are filled or until you can no longer make any cards. If you have completed all four stacks, you have won the game.

Game variations

Single cards from the stick: Instead of the game variant, in which only the third card of the rod can be used, you can reveal and use every single card in this variant. This increases the chance of finishing the game.

Limited use of cards in the stick: In this variant, you can only use the stick to a limited extent, usually three times.

Time Limit: Some online solitaire games have a time limit to complete the game, usually 5 minutes.

Tips and Strategies for Solitaire

Here are some general strategic tips for solitaires. With these tips, you can avoid exploiting your possibilities too quickly. This will give you more chances to finish the game.

1) The priority should be to place the cards in the stacks. Use the stick only when necessary.

2) Some solitaire players recommend looking through the reserve stack without using cards from it. This will give you an idea of which cards are in the deck and how best to use them.

3) First, try to reveal the cards in the longest row. If you don’t shorten the most extended rows first, you can get into trouble later.

4) In general, it is reasonable to fill the four open areas evenly with cards.

5). As a rule, you should not play away three stick cards in a row. If you do this, the order of the remaining tickets will not change if you go through the stick again later.

If you stick to these rules, you will win more and more games of solitaire. Good luck!

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